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BC Kiribati Nov 2014 update

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In November 2014, BC Kiribati was activated. Meetings were organized to have members to form up activity plans for 2015 and to select new BC Kiribati Executives.  Currently, former Peace Amabassadors (PAs) Taniera Tooma, Teeta Erikate and Birati Titon are providing interim coordination for BC Kiribati.

All former JAs, PAs, Chaperons are invited to attend the following meetings:

Date Time Venue
15 Nov 2014 2.00pm Ministry of Education
6 Dec 2014 2.00pm Sea Bee Primary School
17 Jan 2015 2.00pm JSS TUC 2 Animwarao
1 Feb 2015 2.00pm JSS BTC Betio

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