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BC Kiribati Meeting 15 Nov 2014

BC Kiribati held its 2nd meeting in 2014 as part of its campaign strategies to invite as many members as possible to form a 2015 annual plan. There were nine (9) members attended this meeting. Bridge Club objectives were disccussed and emphasized to members followed by some inpiration speech from PA, Taniera Betero Tooma who also showed members a video about APCC dreams - Midori's Flying Goldfish. The video will be played again in the next meeting (6 Dec 2014).

In the meeting, members were grouped into BCK1 and BCK2, communications strategies were discussed especially for relaying meeting invitation to other members. BCK1 will develop a facebook account for BC Kiribati and to be formally conveyed to members in the next meeting (6 Dec 2014). BCK2 will put all the meeting dates and publish them in the local papers. It was also agreed that both groups will aim to get at least 10 members to attend the next meeting. BC Kiribati logo was also discussed in the meeting and members agreed that each group will come up with a logo at the next meeting.

Next meeting: 6 Dec 2014 | Time: 2.00pm | Venue: Sea Bee Primary School Maneaba


  • Introduction of members
  • Bridge Club Kiribati brief history and Bridge Club objectives and aims presentation
  • APCC Movie - Midori's Flying Goldfish
  • Groups discussion
  • Indoor games
  • Communication strategies
  • Logo
  • AOBs




Former Peace Ambassadors Birati Titon (PA 2006), Taniera Betero Tooma (PA 2013)



Bridge Club members, assisting the Ministry of Education in their clean up activity before BC Meeting starts.




BC Kiribati meeting



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