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BC Kiribati Activity 2018

BC Kiribati Activity 2018

The first activity was the ‘Christmas and New Year Greetings’ conducted in December 2018. The idea behind inviting members to send or post greetings on BC Kiribati facebook page is:

  1. to reactivate BC Kiribati facebook page and to let members know that the page is now active for them to check on activities and other BC announcements.
  2. To get members introduce themselves and get connected more with other members
  3. To show it to members that even though they are staying in different parts of the country or other parts of the world, we are still connected as BC members.

 Output of the activity

  • 5 out of 20 members posted their greetings
  • 13 comments received from members on these greetings
  • 10 out of 20 members have seen and reacted ( J) on the greetings.
  • 10 out of 20 have not seen the page
  • The 5 greetings were posted by the members with photos below








Outcome of the activity


  • 50 % of the current members know that BC Kiribati facebook page is now active to check on future activities and announcements
  • The activity has acted as an ice breaker to introduce members and to get them more comfortable and open to communicate
  • The activity has shown BC Kiribati’s commitment to re-establish and build the network not just with BC Kiribati members only but with other BCs as well through BCIO.

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