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BC Kiribati common activity 2018 - Professional Network

BC Kiribati informed members in December last year (2018) on the common activity for 2018 which is about the sharing of professional experiences to inspire members on the importance of maintaining connecting and networking.

The video of BC Australia professional networking experience was also posted on the Bridge Club Kiribati facebook page for members to see. 4 members have liked or reacted and 7 members have seen this post which means that this sharing has touched and inspired BC Kiribati members. This is reflected in the audio provided by a member of Bridge Club.

Due to poor internet connectivity in Kiribati, it was hard for other members to upload video records. However, one member managed to send an audio record based on her past Fukuoka trip as a Junior Ambassador which had helped her through her academic educational life and professional experience.  Temarewe Titon was a JA in 1992 and she is now currently working at the ANZ Bank (Kiribati) Limited. The audio has been enhanced with photos by BC Kiribati to provide an animated video based on this experience. This video can be seen at the link below:




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