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BC Kiribati meeting 15 November 2017

Bridge Club Kiribati

Meeting Minutes                            01-2017   

Date: 15/11/2017 | Time: 4.00pm. | Venue: Ministry of Education    


  1. Birati Titon                   JA 1992  
  2. Temarewe Titon            JA 1992  
  3. Ngaouea Neemia          JA 2000  
  4. Dr Abeton Teeman        JA 1995  
  5. Naama Areru                JA 1993  
  6. Bureia Mareeko            JA 2017   

1. Greetings and BC Executive selection 

Former President of the Bridge started off with greetings to the participants. The main meeting agenda was the election of new BC Executives as the BC Representative or President's name was a requirement from BCIO.

A voting system was conducted and the following BC Executives were elected:

Selection of President – Kiribati Bridge 2017

  • President – Dr Abeton Teeman
  • Vice President – Naama  Areru
  • Tia koroboki and Tia Mane – Ngaouea  Neemia
  • Messenger – Bureia Mareeko


2. BC Executives terms and renewal

It was agreed that the renewal of executive members would be carried out on a yearly basis, every 15th November. 

Term of the executive members will not exceed 2 years. 


3. Review of the objective

  • Voluntary activities – environmental assistance, mangrove planting and donations to minority groups such as special schools, Te Toa Matoa. 
  • Fund raising activities – walkathon


4. Facebook account

To contact Kauaata (member) in Kiritimati about the Bridge Club Kiribati facebook account. 


5. AOBs 

Birati to review the constituency of the Bridge Club Kiribati which will cover the following: 

-       Membership

-       Selection of the Executive Members

-       Control of the Facebook account


6. Next meeting

  • Wednesday 29th 2017, 3.00pm at KEF Board room – Ministry of Education. 







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