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BCK Meeting on June 9th, 2019

On the 9th of June, 2019, the members of BC Korea gathered at the LABO office(Our liaison office's office) to have some discuss about new plan for another following year.


5 things were the main discussing points.

-Should we make a contact list to make sure who is participating meeting, and other events?

-Which month is available to meet/ Which month is unavailable to meet

-Conditions of meeting (What we want to do on meeting besides main topic)

-Who will manage BCK SNS accounts?

-How to announce meeting date and what wll be discussed


1. We decided to make contact list, and already collected 19 people's information.

(year/name/phone number/agreement)

2. Because of exam term, available month were JAN/FEB/MAY/JUN/AUG/OCT/NOV

3. Most common idea was "Let's have a delicious food on meeting!". So, BCK will have an experience to try other countries food which they can feel it is delicious too. (compare to korean food)

4. We will vote new SNS manager on next meeting. As present SNS managers worked on it for over a year, It is time to change to another manager.

5. President of BCK will send a message to BC members one month before meeting. This will helps BC members to prepare a new schedule. Also, president will announce meeting schedule on 'Naver'(Korean potal site) Blog too.


BCK had a great time meeting again!! Since we met end of 2018, it was really happy to talk and meet each other. 


We will come back with news soon:)

20190609 meeting


20190609 meeting 2

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