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Meeting (July 28th)

Hey guys, sorry about the late entry. But, hey, better late than never (:

So, BCM had a meeting a day after we returned from the 23rd APCC. The delegates of the 23rd APCC, along with some members of BCM gathered at EDC to share their experience, and also to bid farewell to the three JA's (Ziyan, Maishoon and Arushee) who left for their islands shortly after returning. Unfortunately, Zein (JA 2011) and Fai (PA 2011) wasnt able to make it to the meeting, having been sick then. Thankfully, they are both fine now. The remaining five JA's, shared their experiences and also expressed their feelings and plans on how they will help BCM. 

A exhibition, showcasing the pictures, essays by the JA's, presentation's about the 23rd APCC and video's from the 23rd APCC to the public and BCM members is being planned, as well as a reunion. The club will hopefully be officially registered here, this month as well.

- Mariyam Miusa (Moothi)
Vice President of BCM, JA 2005 / PA 2011


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