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Glob@l Interf@ce between BC Myanmar and BC Maldives

We (Bridge club Maldives) had our second GI on  9th February with BC Myanmar and the theme for this GI was ‘Famous landmarks’. Our Liaison officer and chaperon of  2010 participated with  us on that day. Nine JAs from Maldives took part in this conference.


BCM members

First, the participants from Myanmar introduced themselves to the Maldivian participants and explained the famous and historical landmarks in their country. After that, the Maldivian  participants introduced themselves to the to Myanmar participants and explained most famous landmarks in our country to them.We talked about the famous tourist attractions in Maldives Like; Medhuziyarai, Hukurumiskiy, Ali Rasgefaanu ziyaraiy, Victory monument, Tsunami minument, Republic square ,Utheemu   Ganduvaru,Theemuge and muliyaage.


Most famous landmark In Maldives

Myanmar introduces places like Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Mandalay Moat, Bagan, Rih Lake, Beaches,Pagoda and Inle Lake.


Most famous land mark in Myanmar  

Myanmar is a country rich in history, culture, custom and tradition. It also has a number of tourist attractions, like in Maldives.The most famous landmark in Myanmar is Shwe Dagon Pagoda situated in Yangon which was built between the 6th and 10th centuries. Most famous landmark and one of the famous tourist attraction in Maldives is Islamic center ( Mosque) opened in November 1984 .

It was very interesting to learn about the famous landmarks of two different countries and helped to enrich our knowledge on the back ground of these landmarks. The rich cultures seen in the places prove us about the hard work of the people in both the countries.There were some technical difficulties before and during the conference like our first conference.We hope that our last  conferences will go better.


By Asma

Bridge Club Maldives





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