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Next PA Preparation of BCM

On 26th November 2016 (Saturday), the BCM has officially started the preparation of the PA Applicants for the 29th APCC. There was a session held for the candidates who have expressed interest in becoming a PA for the next APCC. A presentation about the responsibilities of becoming a PA, the things they need to do before and after the Invitation Project was made by the President of BCM, Ms. Shaana.

Followed by the presentation, there were interview sessions held for all the candidates individually. The main objective of this interview was to do an internal evaluation of the candidates in order to make suitable nominations to BCIO. There were five panelists which include the President, Vice President, an Executive Committee member, a member of the advisory and a former Chaperon.

There are five applicants who have expressed interest in becoming a PA, one has withdrawn, one is eliminated as the candidate does not meet with all the requirements of being a PA and the rest of the three are nominated to BCIO. The nominees by BCM to BCIO are: 

1. Hassan Nasih Abdulla (JA 2012)

2. Niuma Ahmed (JA 1999, Representative of BCM in 1st BC Presidents' Meeting 2013)

3. Shaiha Ahmed Afaal (JA 2009)

We congratulate to the three potential applicants and we wish you all the best of luck. 


PA application.PNG



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