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#MeehakahMeeheh Project of BCM

The Guideline for #MeehakahMeeheh Project of the BCM

*General Idea:

There are a total of 225 members currently in the BCM. However, contact details of less than half the total are available in the data sheet. As per the Action Plan 2016-2017, it is our goal to cover at least 80% of the contact list before April 2017. In order to do so, we hereby launch the Project, #MeehakahMeeheh


Each member is required to introduce an inactive APCC participant from any past batches of whom we do not have the contact details in the data sheet.  

They may introduce more than one participants. No repetitions of the same introduced member are allowed.

 The names of the inactive participants and the year of participation of the members we do not have the contact details will be posted in the Official Viber Group and Facebook Group (Closed Group).


  1.  Like our facebook page, Bridge Club Maldives - BCM
  2. Find the contact details of an inactive member (via another participant of the same batch, mutual friends, colleague etc…)
  3. Share the contact details with any of the ExCo members and help to update the data sheet.
  4. Go to the facebook page and post the following: 

  Introduction about yourself

  Summary of your APCC Experience (Exchange Camp/PA Camp/Homestay)

  Introduction about your involvement in BCM (Activities you enjoy etc…)

  2-3 photographs (Exchange Camp, Homestay and BC Activity)

 Introduction about the participant you introduce/welcoming  to BCM (You may tag them)

 A word of encouragement to the introduced member to be involved in BCM

         5. Use the following Hashtags





The introduced member has to introduce themselves in the Facebook page and Viber group and thank the one who introduced them. They are also required to use the above hashtags, share their APCC experience and take part in #MeehakahMeeheh Project if possible.

The Project will be valid till 30th April 2017.


  • Maintaining Strong BC: *To increase the number of active members of the club

                                          *To create positive energy in the Facebook page and BCM

                                           *To further update the contact list

  • Funding: *To carry online projects where no funding is required

                      *To find potential contributors among the introduced members

  • Public Relations: *To increase awareness about APCC among non-APCC participants

                             *To launch a project in which Social Media Campaign can be done

                             *To promote the facebook page and hence keep them updated about    

                               the latest activities.

  • Common Activity: *To increase the member participation in Common Activity. 



The Project can be re-established yearly until 100%  of the Contact List is covered.

PS: #MeehakahMeeheh is derived from our mother-tongue, Dhivehi which means something like one person for a person which is applicable to the theme of the project. The previous hashtag was #OnePlusOne which should no longer be used as it is an already established hashtag.

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