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BCM Meeting 1 - 2017 : Action Plan 2017-2018 Discussion

On 4th February (Saturday), BRIDGE Club Maldives (BCM) had a meeting to discuss the events for the Action Plan 2017-2018 which is effective from July 2017 to June 2018. A total of 9 members took part in the meeting. 

Since the PA Applicants from our BC are currently undergoing the third stage of PA Application which is the creation of an Action Plan for the BC, we decided to meet up with the other members and share ideas for the Action Plan as the Action Plan is created for the BC. During the meeting, the PA Applicants shared their ideas for the Action Plan with the other members and Executive Committee of BCM. Then, the members proposed their ideas and we composed the ideas for the Action Plan based on the topics; Maintaining Strong BC, Funding, Common Activity and Public Relations. 

Followed by the discussion of the Action Plan, there was an election within the members who attended to elect a new Public Relations Coordinator as the former PR Coordinator has resigned from the post. The current PR Coordinator of BCM is Fathimath Nahula (JA 2010, PA 2015).

There was a vacant post in the Advisory Board, hence a former Chaperone, Mr. Ahmed Shafeeg (Chaperone 2013) has been elected as the Advisory Board Member of BCM. 

We look forward to the new activities in the plan which are included for the betterment of the BCM and its further growth. We hope to see more members actively taking part in the upcoming activities. 


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