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APCC Mission Project - Spring 2017

25th March - 31st March 2017

Welcoming the Delegates of the Mission Project

The Mission Project Delegates touched down at 9:55 PM (loal time, GMT+5) at Velana International Airport of the Maldives. The Delegates were welcomed by the BC ExCo members, LO and few students of the Coordinating school due to the late hour of arrival. They checked into the Mookai Hotel and all the Delegates stayed there overnight. 

Day 1 : Welcome Function at Majeedhiyya School

The next morning, there was a function at Majeedhiyya School to welcome the Delegates to Maldives and the Delegates were received by the Host Families during this ceremony. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Ms. Aminath Namza from Ministry of Education. The welcome speech was delivered by the President of BC Maldives, Ms. Fathimath Shaana. There were cultural items performed by the students of Majeedhiyya School. After the ceremony, the Junior Ambassadors went with their Host Families but the leaders stayed at the Hotel and were attached with BCM Members to show them around. 

Day 2: Embassy Visit 

The main highlight of the Day 2 was the courtesy call by the Delegates to the Japan Embassy in Maldives.

In addition to the Embassy visit, some of the Host Families organized trips for the JAs such as night fishing and Safari trips in the evening. The leaders were taken to another district of the Capital City called Vilingili for swimming by the BCM members. 

Day 3 : Submarine Dive and Dinner for the Leaders by BCM

The third day of the trip was the day with one of the most thrilling experience for the Delegates. The dive to the underwater in a submarine was organized by the Liaison Office (LO) in which all the Delegates, Host Families and some BCM members took part. It was such a wonderful experience to enjoy the amazing beauty of the flora and fauna of the ocean floor for all the participants. 
A special Maldivian dinner was presented by the BCM members for the leaders with varities of food items which were loved by them. All of us had a fun experience in the dinner which was ended with fun games such as 'Oh Valhu Gondi' a traditional game of the Maldives. 

Day 4 : Farewell !

Even though it was the last day of the Delegates in the Maldives, there were so many activities organized by the Host Families such as sand bank trips and much more. The leaders were taken to Hulhumale' by BCM members for sightseeing and swimming. 
In the evening, the farewell party was held. It began with the Vote of Thanks by BC Maldives which was completed by Vice President, Mr. Mohamed Dhaniyal Ageel. There were also speeches delivered by two Japanese Delegates about the wonderful experince they have had here. Moreover, souvenir distribution by BCM, LO and one of the voluntary parents for the Japanese Delegates took place in the farewell. At the same time, Ceritificates of Appreciation were distributed to all the  Host Families who voluntarily hosted the Delegates and to the Coordinating School Majeedhiyya School. On top those, there were performances by the Delegates from Japan and Bridge Club Members of the Maldives. The function ended with all the participants singing "We Are the BRIDGE" song! 
There was a dinner presented by the Liaison Office, Ministry of Education for the leaders in the late evening. 
After having such a wonderful and enjoyable time here in Maldives, all the participants left Maldives on 31st March 2017. It was a nice experience for all the parties involved. 

The APCC Mission Project Spring 2017 was a memorable one in all aspects, espcially with this Mission Proejct Maldives has become the country to host the highest number of participants in the Asia-Pacific region. It has been continously taking place here since 2009.

We hope this will be continued here forever and we look forward to welcome the next year's Delegates of the Mission Project!! 

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