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BCM Meeting 2 - 2017 : PA Task Meeting

On 26th April, the members of BCM gathered to have the PA Task meeting organized by this year's Peace Ambassador, Ms. Niuma Ahmed and the other ExCo members. A total of 11 members took part in the meeting.  

The meeting commenced with a brief introduction on the selection procedure of the PAs by Ms. Shaana, the President of BCM. The main part of the meeting was to discuss the Action Plan 2017-2018 which were composed by the PA Applicants of the year 2017. The Maintaining Strong BC part was done by Ms. Niuma, the Activities Coordinator, Funding by Treasurer, Mr. Mush-hid and Public Relations by PR Coordinator Ms. Nahula. The process of carrying out the Common Activity was briefed by the President and reminders were given to submit the articles for Travel Lookouts. 

Followed by the Action Plan discussions, the members were informed about the Invitation of the 30th APCC Celebrations as instructed by the APCC. Many of us seem to be very excited to hear the news and very enthusiastic to take part in the program! 

The last part of the meeting was to elect a member for the vacant Advisory post in the ExCo. The Chaperone for 29th APCC, Ms.Yumna was elected as the Advisor. 

We will have our next activity which is a city tour for the Common Activity, Travel Lookouts. Stay tuned for more updates! 

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