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BCM 'Maahefun' for Ramadan 2017

On 19th May, BCM members had a gathering called ‘Maahefun’.  A total of 18 members attended this social annual gathering of the BCM.

Maahefun is a traditional occasion in Maldives when groups of families and friends gather in order to prepare for the Holy Month. This food feast includes food items which are eaten by the Maldivians from the ancestors’ time during the Holy Month of fasting.

Similar to the last year, all the members had a wonderful time and loved every bite of the delicious food items. Gatherings like Maahefun are enjoyable for everyone and allow the members to gather and discuss the activities of the club in a friendly environment! Indeed, ideal suggestions come with good food and good company!

We wish all the Moslems around the world a blessed Ramadan in advance. Ramadan Kareem!




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