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JA Training of BCM 2017



26th June to 13th July 2017


The program was kicked off by an introductory meeting called by LO with the new Juinior Ambassadors (JA), their Parents and BCM Executive Committee. The concept of APCC and past experience was shared by the BCM members to the new JAs and the Parents.

Followed by was the JA Training Camp 2017! It is one of the most awaited events of the year calendar as it is the foremost event which new JAs take place. Similar to the last year’s Training Camp, all the Delegates for the 29th APCC and other BC Members stayed overnight in a school and spent the next day there as well. A total of 9 BCM members took part excluding the new JAs.

The Camp began with an ice breaking activity and some of the BCM members sharing the details of the entire trip, covering every bit of it. The main sessions began in the next morning with an Instant Japanese class. There was a special class for the JA Girls on menstruation and we had the rest carried out right after the lunch.

After the lunch, it was mainly about the APCC, BCIO and BCM with fun activities like a quiz among the teams within the participants. There were also team building activities carried out to enhance the teamwork and interactions between the new JAs. The main last session was a basic first Aid Training by Guest Facilitators.    

The main objectives of the camp were not only to prepare them for the homesickness they might encounter in Japan but also to prepare them in all aspects and make them bring out the best in them. Unlike previous years, the new JAs for 29th APCC were selected with a massive involvement by the BCM Members in the selection.

The JA Training camp ended on 30th June. However, the training of the JAs were carried out till 12th July on a daily basis. The Training sessions include dance practice for the Performance by the Delegates in We Are the BRIDGE Festival and Instant Japanese classes to learn the language, culture and lifestyle of the Japanese people. The new JAs also got the wonderful opportunity to taste the Japanese food using chopsticks. For both the former and latter, we had in-house Trainers from BCM.

In addition to those above, we also conducted specially designed meetings for the new Parents with and without few former parents as past always helps to improve the future.

The closing of the Training was with a dress rehearsal and the final meeting with the Delegates and the parents. The excitement has been growing as the time gets near for the awesome days well ahead of them!

Over all, the JA Training has been very productive and efficient. All the Delegates are well prepared for the journey ahead which could also be the turning point of their lives in many ways.

BCM wishes all the Delegates of 29th APCC the best of luck!








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