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BCM Annual General Meeting - 1

On 18th August, BCM has held its first Annual General Meeting with a total of 19 members being present. The meeting began with the announcing of the annual report of the BCM from July 2016 to June 2017. 

The highlights of all the activities were announced by the President of BCM, Ms. Fathimath Shaana. Followed by the Annual report was sharing of the Action Plan 2017-2018 composed in PA Camp 2017 of 29th APCC by the Peace Ambassador (PA) and the Vice President of BCM, Ms. Niuma Ahmed. 

A certificate of recognition was presented to Ahmed Hamzan (JA 2015) to appreciate his effort in the Common Activity 2016-2017; Travel Lookouts which contributed to the First Runner-up Award of BCM in the activity. The Certificate was presented by the President, Ms. Shaana. 

Next in the meeting was voting for the posts. The voting was done via secret ballot. Counting and verification was done by Former Vice President (2016-2017), Mr. Mohamed Dhaniyal Ageel and the result was approved by the Advisory Board Member, Ms. Mariyam Saeeda Ibrahim (Chaperone 1992). 

The new Executive Committee 2017-2018 was elected as the following with 19 members present in voting. 

President: Fathimath Shaana (JA 2009, PA 2016)
Vice President: Niuma Ahmed (JA 1999, PA 2017)
General Secretary: Shaiha Ahmed Afaal (JA 2009)
Activities Coordinator: Fathmath Nahula (JA 2010, PA 2015)
Treasurer: Ahmed Mush-hid Rasheed (JA 1993)
Public Relations Coordinator: Aminath Shaffau (JA 1996)

Advisory Board 

Aminath Yumna Waheed (Chaperone 2017)
Mariyam Saeeda Ibrahim (Chaperone 1992)
Mohamed Mahid Moosa (JA 1991, PA 1999)

The meeting ended with the speech by the newly elected President. 
BCM wishes to have another succesful year ahead with the cooperation from all the members. 
We Are the BRIDGE! 





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