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BCM Meeting 3 - 2017: Refresher class and Action Plan Discussion

On 29th September, BCM members had a meeting at CHSE which was the third general meeting of the year 2017. A total of 6 members were present in the meeting. 

The main agenda of the meeting was to hold a refresher class about APCC, BCIO and BCM; recalling the things members have already learned. It was not much of an interective session due to the less number of the members being present. 

Next in the agenda was the discussion of the Action Plan to finalize the dates for the year ahead which was also not completely done due to the less number of members being present. However, a discussion was facilitated among the atendees on planning the activities for the year. 

The meeting concluded with the delivering of the information we have received so far about the  30th APCC. The members seem to be very eager to take part in the anniversary celebrations. 

There would  be an another general meeting in the month of the October in order to elect a new president with regards to the new BCIO policies. We hope to see more members turning up and hence reschedule the agenda items of this meeting to the next one.  The date and time for the meeting will be informed very soon after a discussion in the BCM ExCo. 


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