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BCIO Common Activity 2017-2018; EnviroRangers (Part 1)

On 26th November, BCM has completed the first part of the BCIO Common Activity; EnviroRangers which is an inter-BC video conference with BC India and BC Pakistan. 

A total of 9 members from BCM took part in the video conferencing with the members from the other two BCs. The activity was held at the Liaison Office; Ministry of Education at 1300 hours (GMT+5) in local time. The three BCs had a productive discussion on the environmental unique features of one's own country, the environmental issues they face and the suggested solutions to overcome them. We also discussed about what can be done on our level to make our environment greener! 

BCM would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to BCIN an BCP for their cooperation with us in this activity. We had a wonderful time in the discussion and we look forward to work with them in the future as well. 

We Are the BRIDGE! 


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