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Year in Review - 2018

2018 was rather a busy year for BCM with the preparation of a voluntary delegation to join 30th APCC. Here are the summary of events and activities held by the Bridge Club Maldives during the year.

January : 

Calling for participants to join the 30th APCC Voluntary:

On 15th of January, all the exco members had a meeting and decided to call the Mission project host families to join in the 30th APCC events, as they have been eagerly waiting for a chance to join APCC events in Japan. 

We had a meeting on the 21st of January with 20 families from Mission families and JAs combined, and explained the expenses that they will have to incur and the duration of the programme.


On the 25th of January, we had a beach cleaning with 6 JAs and 15 students from Ameeniya school Eco club. This was  part of the Common activity 2017-18.

The team collected 11 huge bags of garbage within one hour.



Executive committee meeting:

At the executive committee monthly meeting, we discussed on the 30th APCC invitation project and how to select JAs.

Further, we also discussed on the procedures to carry out in handling the Voluntary Delegation. At this meeting, Ahmed Mush-hid was assigned as the leader of the delegation.


Voluntary Delegation:

On 7th March, the confirmed members to join the Voluntary Delegation were given guidelines to join Doors+ and to submit the application forms.

We had a meeting with the Voluntary Delegation parents to discuss on the activities to carry out outside APCC schedule. Further, we also discussed on the transportation and accommodation options available.

Enviro-rangers - Part 2:

5 members of BCM met at the Majeedhiyya School and Hand painted to create the Enviro-Quilt on the 19th of March. 

This Quilt was later sent to Japan via expedited shipping.

JA selection:

Executive committee members participated in the interview panel to select JAs for the 30th APCC. 



voluntary Delegation: 

on 10th April, we had a meeting with the Voluntary Delegation to update on flight bookings, hotel bookings etc.


May :

Invitation project preparations:

in May 2018, executive committee members of BCM  met with the liaison officer to discuss the preparation for the JA training programme together with a programme for the Voluntary Delegation.



JA training programme:

on 18th of June, the executive members of BCM met with the new JAs and their parents, together with the liaison officer and chaperone. The new JAs were given a schedule for the next two weeks, to attend the Japanese classes and the traditional dance practices. Japanese classes and traditional dance practices were held everyday until the 9th of July.

JA training camp:

All the new JAs and Voluntary Delegation participated the two days training camp held at Thaajudeen school. Programmes to build up bond between the members, improve leadership skills and personal skills were held at the camp. A session on First Aid was conducted by the Maldives Red crescent.

All the classes at the JA training camp were open to the former JAs. 5 former JAs attended the camp and shared their experiences with the new JAs. 



invitation Project:

After a hectic 3 weeks of classes, our Voluntary Delegation and the invitation project Delegation departed to join 30th APCC on the 12th of July. 

New JAs experience sharing:

On 25th of July, the executive committee members, liaison officer and the chaperone met with the new JAs and their parents to share the experiences. All the JAs shared their experiences at the 30th APCC and expressed their keenness in continuing to contribute APCC and BCM in the future.


Gathering with the Voluntary Delegation:

A gathering was held with the Voluntary Delegation of 30th APCC and the executive committee members to share the fun filled experience they had and to reunite back in Maldives to have some joyful time.


Executive committee meeting to update on the President’s Meeting:

Two meetings were held during the month of August to get an update from the President representative in relation to the discussions held and any important points highlighted at the President’s meeting.

The main focus on these meetings were  on improving the JA selection procedure and the BCPN internship programmes. 



Executive committee meeting on PA selection:

9th December, a meeting was held by the executive committee members to discuss on reaching out candidates who are eligible for PA application based on their contribution to BCM during the past 5 years.

The interview dates and criteria for selection were also discussed at this meeting.

Further, the members also discussed on conducting more events for the general members to participate and enjoy in the year 2019. 


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