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Midori's Flying Golfish in Myanmar!

25th May 2014

It was our second time to show the APCC movie- Midori’s Flying Goldfish in Myanmar. The first time was on our 1st Anniversary of BCMM in August where 17 former JAs and PAs participated.

This time, we showed the movie to the 2014 JAs, their parents, Myanmar Association of Japan Alumni (MAJA) members and the public. There were over 30 people who came and watch this movie. I believe it was a successful event as everyone truly understood the value of the movie.

Here are the comments from the audiences:

‘Midori’s Flying Goldfish is very great! And it’s kind of touching. I really LOVE it. And Also, I want to have Midori’s Picture Book. This movie proves peace and respect. Together, we can make peace. Amazing! -Kaung Khant Zaw ( JA-2014)

‘Very good movie! I learned about peace and happiness from this movie. When you do your work, never give up! I will make a peaceful world! I love this movie very much!’-Win Pyae Pyae Zaw (JA-2014)

This movie is very interesting. I get a lot of knowledge from this movie. This movie shows- We are the Bridge! WE can make a peaceful world.- Su Myat Mon (JA-2014)

‘I am very glad to be 2014 JA in APCC. I love APCC because I want a peaceful world! You can’t buy friends with money. Differences can make peace. We are the Bridge! We are everyday Ambassadors!’-Kaung Set Paing (JA-2014)

First, I am so sad when I watch this movie. After watching the movie, I learned that in the world, MOTHER is a very person. And I think APCC gave us many friends and will give more! Friends are very precious for our lives.-Ei Kyar Phyu (JA-2014)

This movie is so good! How different we are, WE ARE THE BRIDGE!-Aung Phone Myat (JA-2014)


The voice of the audiences.

 These comments were written in English and in Japanese by individuals

Really touching movie. I like the way they connect the three stories in one which as the same aims. And also the messages they gave us. ‘Not to let yourself escape in your own world & try to face up and make many friends. It’s worth watching. –Chu Chu

面白い映画でした。悲しいことと嬉しいことは集めってある映画です。世界の平和は私の夢です。世界の人たちはこの映画を見たあtでできないこともできるようになると思います。いい映画です。-Myat Myat Moe

I’ve learnt a lot from this movie especially about: friendship, peace, diversity and persistency makes the world beautiful. It is a really good movie and thanks to APCC and BCMM members.- Dr. Myat Thet Maung

That’s one awesome movie. I became to realize that friendship between the different cultures. It’s so beautiful and differences make the world peaceful like rainbows. –Full Pyae Se Thu

Congratulations! BCMM. We are so glad to have my daughter participate in the 26th APCC. Thank you very much for all your efforts. Really, peace is very important and we are proud of your great work, APCC!- Dr. Mu Mu Shwe ( Parent of 2014 JA Su Myat Mon)

Comments written in Myanmar, translated into English.

I like it very much. People of the world have different views and opinions but if we forgive, love, and understand each other… our world will be a beautiful place to live in. I believe we will have a better world if we carefully look what is inside the hearts of each other with respect and understanding.- San San Aye ( 2014 JA Kaung Khant Zaw’s mother)

The best event I have seen. It’s perfect! –Aung Kyaw Hla

We have to bulid a better peaceful world with people who are different, yet they are global citizens.- Zaw Moe Oo

Report by- Tsu Yamin




JAs and their families




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