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Arigatou APCC! We love the Movie!

Every Saturday, we give a training program for 2014 Junior Ambassadors at my house (BCMM head office). There, the JAs practise performance, learn Japanese language and culture. After the screening event of Midori’s Flying Goldfish a few weeks ago, we gave a special assignment to 2014 JAs- to write a short essay on how they feel about the movie! So, here they are…ENJOY READING!


This APCC movie is the best. Its name is "Midori's Flying Goldfish". I really love that movie. It is very great. There are three parts in this movie. The first part is about "The Past”, which happened in 1995. It is about Midori's life. The second part is about "The Present", which happened in 2013.It is about "Shota and Donju". The third part is about "The Future”,which  will happen in 2030.Among them, I like the second part most. When I watch the first part, I was happy and also sad. The second part makes me sad and the third part is scary. I was a little scared when I saw "Omoiyari Thief". So I really like that movie. We can make the world peace with friends, dreams, courage and joy. ʻʻYou can’t buy friends with money” is the quote I love in this movie. Another quotes are ʻʻWith courage, you can achieve everything. So don’t give up” and ʻʻDifferences can make be difficult but can make things better”. I also learned not to stay alone in camp and we have to make friends with all children from different countries. If you stay alone, the Omoiyari Thief will take  away your happiness. So this is a good movie which gives advices for the children. I love this movie because it is about ʻʻRespect and Understanding”.

By KaungKhantZaw


ʻʻMidori’s Flying Goldfish” is a good and interesting movie. This movie shows that there are differences between the people all around the world but it doesn’t matter. A rainbow has seven different colours which make it beautiful. So with the differences between the people all around the world, we can make a peaceful world. In this movie, the gold fishes are the symbols of the happiness and they make the world happy. We are global citizens and we are the bridge. We can join and make the world happy. I also learned about respect and understanding to each other and making happiness is the most precious thing in the world. Money can’t buy happiness. Happiness is the most valuable and precious thing. I enjoyed this movie a lot and it is the best movie I have ever watched. We can make a peaceful and happy world together!

By Win PyaePyae Zaw


The APCC movie name is ʻʻMidori’s Flying Goldfish”. It is a good movie. It was very interesting. When I watched this movie, I felt a little sad. At first, I know the most important persons are parents but I don’t know the second important person. Now I know the second important person. It is friends. I know it from this movie. So, thank you APCC. I hope APCC in Japan will give us many friends and experiences for my life. Now I understand Omoiyari Spirit (Respect and Understanding). When I come back from Japan, I hope I’ll understand more and more. At the end of movie, I know “we can’t buy friends with money.”

By Ei Kyar Phyu


Yesterday I watched a movie. It is “Midori’s Flying Goldfish” produced by APCC. In this movie, I learned about Japanese culture, lifestyle, language and love between a family and friends. There were different languages, Gods, food and lifestyles but they can make one happy family with love and understanding. Differences make friendship difficult. But different colours in rainbow make it beautiful. We can’t buy friends with money but we can make friends with love, respect and understanding. We will take the world to the future by respect and understanding.

By Aung Phone Myat


I felt happy about the Flying Goldfish at first because they got out the books and found their friends. I was proud of those three goldfish because they made friends to different children from different countries. When the goldfish saw the two children with different nationalities fought, it showed the rainbow. A rainbow has many different colors but differences make it beautiful. So differences make the world beautiful. Then the children stopped fighting. In this movie, there is one sentence I like most “Money can’t buy friends”. So I understood the meaning of friendship. I like this movie very much.

By Kaung Set Paing

          Before I watched this movie, I was very excited. Bridge club members are very busy to show that movie for us and also that to them because they give us time to show this movie. Therefore, I watched this movie carefully. In this movie, I understood “Difference can make a more peaceful world. With love and kindness, we can join people from all over the world. And the feeling thief knew about the happiness. Two friends, Donju is a 2013 JA from America and Shota is his host family. I got a sea of knowledge from this part. Donju always miss his father. Because of him, Shota broke his leg. Shota could not play his favorite sport, soccer. But in the end, the promised to meet again one day before Donju went back to America. I won’t like to do like Donju when I will be at Japan. I will stay with my host family familiar. When the movie finished, I felt happy and also sad. When I was watching this movie, my mind was there because it was very good. I thought  APCC made this movie very hard. I also got a lot of international memories from this movie. This movie can make me sad and happy. It was better than other movies I have ever seen. So,thank you to APCC.

By Su Myat Mon







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Report by-

Tsu Yamin

President, BC Myanmar





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