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BRIDGE CLUB Professional Network Workshop at Viitor , Myanmar's first Programming and Robotics School for kids

Report by Mr. Eant Kaung Paing( 11 years old, Junior Ambassador 2018)

 On 11th of August 2018, we went to Viitor Myanmar.We met the founder of the school Dr.Min Htet, who went to Japan as a Junior Ambassador in 1994 and a Peace Ambassador in 2004. When we arrived, we had a chance to experience Virtual Reality by playing a game called “Job Stimulator”. We also learned about electrical circuit while playing piano using wires.

Then, after enjoying all the games, Dr.Min Htet showed us a video about the school and gave us a speech on:
1.Why did he decide to start this school
2.What is the main purpose of starting this school
3.How does STEAM affect the world and
4. What benefits does Computer programming give

Here is a discussion on the above factors.
1. Why did he decide to start this school? 
The reason he started this class was he wanted to inspire Technology to Myanmar kids so they become Tech-Entrepreneurs in the future.He wants Myanmar students to improve creativity and artistic skills. He also wanted to show that computer programming is very helpful and useful.

2. What is the main purpose of starting this school? 
The main purpose is to give the mind of creation to students. In Myanmar, many private schools teach computer-programming but they did not do this seriously. He wanted to do this seriously and effectively.

3. How does STEAM affect the world? 
Science Technology Engineering Artistic Math is the most important for our world that is modernized. The most important part is Technology. Every second, the world is changing so if advancements in Technology are very essential.

4. What benefit does Computer programming give?
Computer programming gives so many benefits such as 1.Financial factors/Job opportunities 2. Improves brain power 3. Helps everyone in the world with it

4.1. Financial Factors/Job opportunities
You need only a computer and your brain to work and could get a huge amount of money. 
4.2. Improves your brain power 
Computer-programming helps us to improve brain power because of we have to keep being creative and think continuously to make things work that other people has not thought of yet.
4.3. Helps everyone in the world 
We could easily help the world with computer-programming easily with only with our brain and a computer.

I am so happy that we could meet Dr. Min Htet and learned about computer-programming and got to try many new things.We are very grateful to him for giving his time and place just for BC Myanmar ambassadors.

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