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Fukuoka-Yangon Festival!

BCMM members attended the Fukuoka-Yangon Festival 2017 which took place in Junction City, the biggest shopping mall in Yangon. This grand event introduced the Fukuoka City to the public in Yangon City, commemorating the start of the SISTER CITY relationship between Yangon and Fukuoka. It was fortunate that the ambassadors had a chance to meet with the Mayor of Fukuoka City, Mr. Soichiro Takashima on 3rd November 2017. Mr. Soichiro Takasima was a Host Father of Dal (PA-2012) in 2000 when Dal came to Fukuoka for the first time as a Junior Ambassador. Ambassadors enjoyed the festival by watching Japanese traditional dances and cultural show and had a great time trying Ippudo Ramen, Origami and Yukata at respective booths.

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