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2019 Reunion Lunch!

Reunion of former and new ambassadors!

Today, participants from batch 1990 to 2006, and batch 2014 to 2018 had a great time having lunch together and sharing their APCC experiences to newly selected 2019 Junior Ambassadors at Golden Duck Restaurant.


Report written by 2019 Junior Ambassadors

On 31st March 2019, 4 Junior Ambassadors, their parents and former ambassadors had a meeting at Golden Duck Restaurant which is near the Shwe Dagon Pagoda. When everyone arrived, we introduced ourselves in English. Then the 4 JAs asked the PAs some questions about the things they have to do in Japan. Then we all had lunch. The PAs who went to Fukuoka last year, told us what happened to them and dos and don'ts. I learnt a lot of new things. I learnt how they handle the things. They told us how they sleep, eat and take bath between the foreigners. Teamwork is also important. We can't be selfish. If the other children are naughty or break your things, we need to conceal it. The JAs must be healthy, polite, clever, flexible and united. After having our lunch, we went outside and take photos, also selfies. As I am a new JA, I will try my best to be a person who is passionate about learning different things and also obedient in the same time. I am really thankful to the BCMM members who prepared this meeting and lunch. On that day I learnt many lessons from the PAs and had lots of fun. So I think it was such a great day for me.

Thank You Very Much For Reading,

Ms. Aye Yati Yin Soe (11 years old)

 (ID 032 ,2019 JA) 


Today at BCMM reunion, I had a chance to hear a great number of things about the experiences of my seniors in Japan. I learnt about what they did in Japan, how they feel about their homestay and what they learnt from schools in Japan. I also learnt many new facts about the Japanese schools. I learnt that the students in Japan clean their classroom by themselves. This is a good way of a school teaching the students self-discipline. One of the seniors told me that by the time we go Japan, the weather in Japan will be hot so we don't need to bring any warm clothes like jackets or hoodies.

       During the reunion, I saw many Peace ambassadors and senior ambassadors. I was so inspired by the Peace ambassadors and I want to be like them. The seniors also taught me something which is very important. They told me that even if the foreign kids start a fight with me, I need to be patient and not to do anything back or say any foul words back to them because I need to behave well as a representative of Myanmar. I also learnt I must not ask anything or what I want to buy to the host family. During the reunion I saw many of my seniors who are very successful. I was so inspired by them and I am willing and hoping to be just like them someday. This BCMM Reunion made me meet many new people who I can look up to. Not only do I meet new people, I learnt many past experience and got inspired by my seniors and they give me a hope that one day I will be as successful as them.

Mr. Khant Lin Htel (11 years old)

(ID 011 ,2019 JA)



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