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Happy 7th Anniversary!

My experience in BCMM 7th Anniversary Celebration

            I really had a great time with everyone in that celebration and it’s a pleasure to meet the seniors and talk to them about their past experiences and glad to relate to some of the experiences. First I arrived there and we waited for some people to arrive. Then we watched a short video that was edited by Teacher Tsu. The video includes the pictures of the senior students and some of our photos. It was really nice and I really enjoyed the video. It showed me much information about the seniors and their experiences in Japan. Then we danced in our traditional Kachin costumes. Then we talked about our experience in Fukuoka with our favourite 5 photos taken in Japan, I talked about how I got to Fukuoka and I talked about my feelings in Fukuoka. At the beginning of our speech, I was nervous but at the middle, I gained my confidence and I believe I did it well. BCMM awarded my seniors who are the most active members with certificates and limited edition APCC-BCMM mugs. After that, we sang Happy Birthday BCMM song and sliced the anniversary cake together. Afterwards, we ate our lunch. It was so delicious and tasty. We had Tempura, watercress, pork, salad and many more. Later, we all danced Macarena and Cha Cha slide. It was so fun. Then we sang We are the Bridge by holding our hands. Finally, we took photos with the balloons, seniors, parents and teachers. It was one of the best day of my life!

Report by-Mr. Khant Lin Htel (11 years old, JA-2019)

7th anni.jpg

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