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Activities on Myanmar National Day

On 21st November 2019 we went for a day trip together, did many BC activities and a welcome party for our new liaison officer, Dr. Htay Lwin.

We started our journey at about 7:00 am. First of all, we went to the Mahawthadar Private High School in Hlegu Township which provides free education and dormitory for over 500 students. We all donated food, accessories, stationery and money for the students. We went around the school and learned how they feed the students, teach and cook for them.

Then we went to Japan Pagoda. I found many Buddha statues there. There are 301 statues. We also found Pagodas which look like ancient pagodas from Bagan. We also took a tour around the platform with our group. There were a lot of beautiful sceneries, so we took pictures.

The next destination was Hlawgar National Park. This place was the most memorable place for me. We went sightseeing in a big open car and it was very fun. We saw many monkeys walking and swinging here and there. It was very awesome. We also saw buffaloes, elephants, wild pigs and deer. Then we went inside the mini zoo. We took lots of pictures with interesting animals. We fed the big bear like the bear in the cartoon movie called "Brave". Then we took a rest. Afterwards, 2019 JAs played some games against the former JAs. We played games like passing the water with cups, tied together with a string and walked together, made the tallest cups tower and human knot. It was a 4-4 draw. We had so much fun. We laughed a lot, teamwork made us closer and our friendship bond became stronger. I got lessons that unity is the most important thing when we are in a group in order to be successful. When we were tired, we went to our car back and went to the next place.

We went to the Myanmar Culture Valley and we had some snacks at Potato Break. We had a video chat with our room leader at Marine house, Sue chan while taking a break. We talked about our lives and memories of Marine House. We continued to the Welcome Party at the Golden Duck Restaurant. We had dinner and had a talk. Our new Liaison officer introduced himself. He is a kind and considerate person. We are all glad to meet him. We also welcomed him with a colorful cake and sang WE ARE THE BRIDGE song together. Then we said goodbye and went back home. I was satisfied with the day trip and had fun with my friends. In the end, I am very thankful to Tr. Tsu Yamin for arranging the day trip. I would like to thank my friends and their families too. I got new experiences and had a very good time.

Thanks a lot For Reading. 

Report by- Aye Yati Yin Soe (Junior Ambassador, 2019)

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