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Virtual PA Camp 2020 (Day 2)


17th May 2020 was the second and final day of Virtual PA Camp. We had sessions about Problem Solving Within a BC and about BCPN. The second day also includes information about our future common-activity and the tasks that we ought to do after the Virtual Camp. This was a wonderful experience where I get to bond and get familiar with other 2020 PAs and I miss them already. 


Report by - Kaung Khant Zaw (2014 JA, 2020 PA)



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Virtual PA Camp 2020 (Day 1)

On 16th May 2020, 2020 PAs had our very first day of Virtual PA camp. There were a lot of useful sessions, both fun and serious, that will help us improve our BCs in the long run. We had a lot of creativity going on about the activities we can do to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We knew the areas that we need to improve for our BC from the session, Critical Analysis of PA Tasks. Other than that, the other learning points of this first day of Virtual PA camp were:

1.What it means to be a Peace Ambassador

2.Creating Impact through Bridge Clubs

3.Dimensions of impact and measuring impact.

It was a really fun, inspiring day for us PAs and I would like to thank every individual who made this happen.

Report by – Kaung Khant Zaw (2014 JA, 2020 PA)

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