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Distribution of Caps to Underprivileged Students

Bridge Club Nepal organized a program for distribution of free woolen caps to the underprivileged children on 4th January 2019.

It's winter season in Kathmandu and it's been pretty cold. And we had spare woolen caps remaining from the donations of the previous years. So we had the perfect opportunity to take those caps to the children who are in need of them. We went to Neel Barahi Higher Secondary School which is a government school located in Kalimati, Kathmandu. This school is right beside the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable market. So, most of the students are from the families who are vendors in this market and have below average economic condition. Since we found out that students of these school are in need of warm clothes, we went there to help them with what we had.

We provided 200 caps that matched their school uniform to the students from grade Nursery to grade 2. Since all the students were not present on that day, we handed the remaining caps to the principal of Neel Barahi School so that they can give it to the remaining students later. 

The program was a success as both the teachers and students were happy about it, and so were we. During this program we also had a brief talk with the Principal about the further programs that we could conduct in that school.



Neel Barahi Higher Secondary School


Little girl posing happily after recieving her cap.

BCN member with the teachers of Neel Barahi Higher Secondary School.








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