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'Anekta Ma Ekata' - An Inter BC Activity

Bridge Clubs India and Nepal successfully completed their Inter BC Activity with the theme of Bridge Beyond Borders on 12th December 2020. The activity aimed to represent and promote the friendship, love along with their similarities and diversities between the two countries.

As the activity name ‘Anekta Ma Ekata’ in Nepali and ‘Anekta Mein Ekta’ in Hindi literally translates to ‘Unity in Diversity’ in English, the Bridge Club Members of both the countries were able to give justice to its name.

The activity was divided into three phases. In the first phase, members of both the Bridge Clubs sent questions to the members of the other Bridge Club in a video format. Then similarly, in phase two the members made videos answering to the questions they got. In this way, the members were able to ask question to the members of the other Bridge Club and also answer the questions asked to them. Finally, those videos were compiled into two beautiful videos that were premiered on a Zoom session with the members of both the Bridge Clubs.

This activity not only promoted love and friendship between both the countries, but also helped the members discover a lot of things about both India and Nepal. At the end of the activity, the members were very happy and looked forward to more Inter-BC activities in the coming days.

You can find the activity videos on the Facebook pages/groups of Bridge Club Nepal and Bridge Club India.






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