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JAs Orientation - BVSC 2022

On 9th of July 2022, BRIDGE CLUB Nepal organized an online orientation session for the Junior Ambassadors 2022 representating Nepal in the Bridge Virtual Summer Camp.

The orientation was hosted by Ms. Atithi Bhandari, chaperon for BVSC 2022 and executive member of BRIDGE CLUB Nepal. Other BCN members including Ms. Aayusha Chhetri, Ms. Shreeti Khanal and Mr. Divas Bashyal also facilitated different sessions for the Junior Ambassadors. The program consisted of the sessions listed as follows:


1. Introduction (turn videos on) -> Name + 1 interesting thing about you
2. Intro to APCC, BCN, We Are The Bridge Song
3. Intro to BVSC (aim+schedule overview)
4. Zoom (use same email id you shared with us to login to zoom app and join the BVSC sessions + Zoom testing day)
5. Doors+ (if you need help creating the account, we will help after this session)
6. Q&A + Group photo

1. Introduction

2. Introduction to APCC, BCN, We Are The Bridge Song

3. Intro to the Bridge Virtual Summer Camp

4. Basic Usage of Zoom

5. Setting up Doors+ Account

6. Q&A + Group photo


The orientation session was also the Day 1 of the Bridge Virtual Summer Camp 2022 and by the end of the session, JAs for 2022 we all prepared to join the rest of the BVSC.



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