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Video Chat with BCH, 1st Meeting after the 24th APCC and General Update

Today (28th July) BCNZ held its first meeting after the APCC. We established a year plan and allocated roles within the executive committee.

We have made the plan that we will participate a beach clean up, a treeplanting day and hold a booth at the Japan day festival at the ASB showgrounds. These will be a really fun activities and will be a great opportunity for us to spread the word of BCNZ and APCC. 

A highlight of our meeting today was video chatting with Bridge Club Hawaii! Korie Lum (JA 2006 and PA 2012) and her brother Wesley Lum (JA 2009) talked to us about their BC and helped us with ideas for activities and our year plan. THANKS! Korie and Wesley! 

After the meeting our BC went for Sushi at the local Sushi restaurant and enjoyed some real nice sushi :)

BCNZ is scheduled to meet with our liaison office shortly on Tuesday 21st of August. The meeting will cover the future of BCNZ and Junior Ambassador selection for the future.

Another meeting just for the Junior Ambassadors and their parents is being held on the 14th of August planned by BCNZ to discuss the trip and to recruit the JA's as members of BCNZ.

I am really excited for this year as BCNZ's President!

Thank You.

Oscar Jones 

JA 2007 

PA 2012

Please email for any BCNZ inquiries.

korie and wesley 2.pngABOVE: Korie Lum and Wesley Lum video chatting with us and the BCNZ executive Committee via OOVOO.

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