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BCNZ Meeting Summary September 2012

Konichiwa Everybody!

On 15th of September BCNZ held a meeting. It was great to see the usuals there (Oscar, Ellie, Sedef and myself) and some new members too (Mathew and Manaia) !

At the meeting we:

>Recapped what happened at our meeting with our Liasion Office (21st of August) and discussed   outcomes of the meeting.
>Talked about the 25th APCC.
>Continued to organise our community activities (tree planting and beach clean up)as well as our   common activity (video chattng).
>Booked future meetings.

All who attended the meeting were interested and excited at the prospect of returning to Japan in 2013 for the 25th APCC so they could reconnect with people they have already met and meet new people.

Next we intend on going to the Taste of Japan event together to experience some Japanese culture in New Zealand.

Take care.


Kezia Lynch

BCNZ Executive Committee Member

Auckland, New Zealand

For any BCNZ enquirees please contact BCNZ President, Oscar Jones via email (


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