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28th APCC Report and Monthly Meeting, August

Monthly Meeting for the month of August was helf by the PA 2016 upon his return from 28th APCC. This meeting was of importace cause many new things were introduced and all the report of 28th APCC was made in this meeting.

Venue: Media Room Sports Complex, Islamabad

Things Discussed: This meeting was a bit long. The things discussed were:

- 28th APCC explantion
- Details of the PA Camp
- Winning of "Most Likes" category of SEE BEYOND BORDERS
- Introduction of new activity named as " PROJECT #BCPdiaries"
- Introduction with another new activity (details to be unveiled soon)
- Talk with PA 2016 from Hong Kong
- PA Experience Sharing


28th APCC was as amazing as it was in Past. The Enthusiasm and the Learning is same as before. There were no JAs (Junior Ambassadors) from Pakistan cause we don't have a proper Liaison Office. The delegation consisted of Just one PA (Peace Ambassador).





PA Camp was quite Productive. For first two days the PA's stayed in Marine Houses where they had the chance to interact with the all the JAs and PAs and Chaperones and all the APCC Volunteers. They had a Global Bridge Partnership meeting in which problems faced by the APCC and their solutions were discussed and debated upon.





After that the PAs then moved to Global Arena in which there were series of sessions focused on:

- Funding
- Common Activity
- Public Relations
- Maintaining strong BC 

During the stay in Global Arena the PA's visited Munakata Shrine in Munakata-shi which is quite near the Global Arena. It enabled the PA's to learn about the rich culture of Japan that they have never heard of and they were guided by Jpapnese High School students.





You can read about rest of the PA Experience on PA Report which is shared on our Official Facebook Page.

We are launching a small project named as "#BCPdiaries" in which all the people of BCP will post their life experiences in which there is a lesson for all the People. The stories will be posted in an interval of 2 stories per week. If you still haven't liked the official page of Bridge Club of Pakistan then do it and follow the hashtag #BCPdiaries to stay updated. 

Our video titled as "Ramadan in Pakistan" won the "Most likes Category" of last year's Common Activity titled as SEE BEYOND BORDERS. How the video was made and the strategy adopted for the promotion of the video was shared with all the Members.





You can also check the video out on our Page.

Since in this meeting there were some new members who joined in so a brief introduction about advantages they are going to get by working for BCP were shared. The members seemed Enthusiastic. To improve interaction between members we are also planning for a visit to some place/site.

We also had a video call with PA 2016 from Hong Kong. He shared his experience as a PA with all the members and motivated them to continue working for their Bridge Club.




The meeting ended with a group picture of all the People.





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