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BCP Ramadan Drive'16

After the successful completion of Ration Drive'15, BCP launched Ramadan Drive'16 which was also a major success based on its impact.

In our society there are hundreds or thousands of people who don't have proper access to food. And there are some people who just manage to get access to food but they live from hand to mouth. 
Ramadan is a month of blessings. These people deserve happiness and prosperity too. Your Donations are going to help them to not only get food to eat but they are going to help them set up a small business so that they can earn for themselves. 
There are also some people who have a small business but they can't earn enough! Your donation in the former of Zakat etc is going to help them manage their expenditures. So that they can enjoy their life and honestly these people don't even beg for money because they are ashamed to do that. So why not help them in a way that they don't even feel any shame?

Of course, eliminating the problems of such people is difficult and will take time but we can surely help them to lower their problems, help them to pay their debt or maybe help them to start a small business so that they can earn for their family. Of course we can do that. We just need a will to do so.

People it's time to revive the True meaning of Zakat! Circulation of Money in the society! You know Kindness Breeds Kindness so Helping those in need and spreading happiness on people's faces is surely going to leave a positive impact. . It's time to help people! It's time for #RamadanDrive16

We aimed to redefine the use of charity work. Along with feeding the poor we decided that why not try to eliminate poverty? Each and everyone has some potential. The people need a bit of encouragement and a little push to go on with their lives. So we decided that along with Ration packets we will try to help these people establish small businesses so that they may overcome their poverty.

The operating procedure was same, social media compaign and asking friends & family for donations. It was not long before donations started coming in, we also had support of our volunteers.









The total amount gathered was around 50K PKR. The amount was used to give ration packets and to buy sewing machine and it was also given in cash to families who were in need of money. The amount was also donated to Briish Council for establishment of a filtration plant for a church. As usual we were very careful about Zakat and normal Charity amount.

BCP Team also volunteered with Sha'or The Society to serve Iftaar to the people in PIMS, Islamabad. There we also recorded the video for SEE BEYOND BORDERS.



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BCP is proud to have an amazing group of Volunteers. This drive would not have been any success without the effort of these volunteers. Hats off to all the volunteers who contributed to this cause. Special mention goes to the ones who helped us to record the videoes and compile them into the winning video.

NOTE: No photos of the receipients of the donations were taken to maintain their privacy.


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