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BCP JA Training Program, 2017

Bridge Club of Pakistan launched a JA training program for 29th Asian Pacific Children’s Convention for the first time. The program was launched with a basic aim of training the Junior Ambassadors about the whole program, giving them a complete insight of experiences they are going to have and the problems that they might face.

The training program was thoroughly designed to incorporate sessions related to all the challenges that the JAs will or might face during their stay in Japan. The sessions were lead by Moiz Qazi (PA 2016).

The JAs were taught about the basic Japanese words and these words were practiced as well, as the medium of communication was Japanese and English. They were also shown pictures from previous APCCs to give a better pictorial understanding. Suleiman Afzal and Umair Ahmed (JAs 2012) and Muhammad Shayk (JA 2013) shared their recent experiences. Saman Khokar (JA 2007) and Fatima Tuz Zehra (JA 2008) shared the chnages that has happened in APCC during all these years.

The Junior Ambassadors were taught about the accessories that they must be having with them throughout their stay. They were also taught about the Japanese ethics including the way to keep shoes and clothes etc. and were encouraged to practice them.

“We Are The Bridge” song was listened to and practiced daily by Junior Ambassadors which now they are fluent in. The JAs were instructed about the performance that they have to perform in “We are the bridge” festival. They practiced it daily. There was a full day rehearsal arranged on 11th of July, 2017.

The JAs were also provided with custom T-Shirts of BCP along with business cards for their trip.

The parents of JAs and Chaperone also accompanied the camp. The JAs are really excited and enthusiastic towards the APCC. These kids have practiced a lot and we look forward to a very good result from them since we are having Junior Ambassadors from Pakistan after quite a long time.

The whole program was appreciated by the parents of the JAs because it solved most of their problems and concerns and it was a big achievement for BCP because in 29 years thats the first time BCP conducted a proper training program for the JAs. The last problem standing in our way was lack of JAs, after this being resolved, now we are moving at full speed to achieve our goals.












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