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29th APCC, Reporting Meeting

In order to discuss the recent happenings and the 29th Asian Pacific Children Convention, a meeting was arranged by Bridge Club of Pakistan.

Date of meeting: 5th August, 2017

Venue: Media Room, Sports Complex

Members Attended: 12

Theme: 70 years of Pakistan

Since it is the 70th year of independence of Pakistan, so the Bridge Club of Pakistan family celebrated this year’s independence together. However, it was celebrated earlier i.e. at 5th of August because of mismatching schedule of members. The members were dressed in green and white color complying with the theme. The Peace Ambassador 2017, Fatima tuz Zehra, gave a complete briefing of APCC and highlighted the stronger areas as well as the areas where BCP needs to concentrate more. Moreover, new strategies were devised and an action plan was devised on how to carry on further activities and projects. The new Junior Ambassadors were also present at the meeting.

All the members of BCP are really enthusiastic and determined to work towards further improvements of Bridge Club. 



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