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BCP Ramadan Drive'17

Donations or charities change the lives of deprived and underprivileged people every day with even the smallest of donations making a large impact in the society. However, such donations rely on your support. We have been conducting these drives since 4 years but this time due to the members being busy with exams we were not able tto hold this like we have held previous drives but that think couldn't stop us so we went with it anyways.The BCP Ramadan Drive'17 had a unique slogan of "This time for Edhi". Edhi foundation was founded by the great philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi homes has set up 18 homes all over Pakistan (seven of which are running in Karachi). As a whole, 8500 younger boys and girls including the elderly have been accommodated in 18 homes. After Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death, due to lack of interest, negative propaganda and active campaign against Edhi foundation by extremists, the foundation suffered serious financial difficulties. 

So, for this year’s Ramadan drive of 2017, the members of the Bridge Club of Pakistan decided to accumulate donations for Edhi. BCP members gained people’s trust by showing them our previous accomplishments. After that our members spread the word across the internet by sharing numerous posts on social media about helping for cause which also reminded people about the great services of Abdul Sattar Edhi. They requested for donations through direct messages also asked their family and friends for donations. Many responses were received.  Many people donated for the cause via easy paisa and some deposited the amount in the bank account of a partaking member. A whole amount of 22k+ was collected. Later, the amount was submitted by the members to an Edhi home located in the H-8 sector of Islamabad. 






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