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Roadside Food Drive'17, Lahore

Its about time that our Lahore region is active again thanks to our PA 2002 Farooq Hussain who arranged an Iftaar for people who are travelling at a fuel station. The project was named "Roadside Food Drive". The exact location was Multan Road.

Ramadan is a holy month of Muslims and there are people and organizations who arrange Iftaar for people who are fasting during Ramadan. This year the Iftaar was arranged in Lahore (the biggest city of Punjab province) instead of Islamabad.


Amount raised was approx 40,000 PKR. Which was used to derve Iftaar to more than 100 people. This is a huge milestone for BCP because after Islamabad, the Lahore region is active as well and we hope to share more activities from Lahore region in near future.




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