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Skype session with BC Atlanta

To have more understanding of different cultures and to make inter BC interaction stronger Bridge Club Pakistan got in contact with Bridge Club Atlanta and planned a inter BC activity via Skype. Both the parties were really excited for the Skype session and arranged the time and date most suitable for both.

The Skype session faced some technical issues but despite we were able to exchange words about Music,Education,Culture,lifestyle and so much more.

The members were able to discuss the above topics in detail and go to know opinions of everyone. Had it not been for the technical difficulties we would have been able to have a longer converstation. 

The highlight can be two JAs talking to each other after such a long time after their time in Japan. This is what being connected is all about. 9 hours of time gap but people still manage to connect.




Overall we all enjoyed the Skype session and are looking forward to more inter BC activities.





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