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1st Bridge Club Pakistan Meeting of 2019

After the PA selection, the team of Bridge Club of Pakistan held their first meeting of 2019 at nearby Cafe.

In the meeting, different things were discussed starting from the Bridge Summer Camp (New name for the Exchange Program). Members shared their experience with APCC and how the new plans of APCC will work for the new Junior Ambassador. BCP team also discussed the orientation for the JAs of Pakistan and met the Chaperon of 2019 as well.


We also discussed this year’s action plans. Our PA 2019, Suleiman Afzal, had planned out the outline of what the action plans be and how they will be conducted and carried out by him and all the other members of Team BCP. 


Last but not the least, Team BCP discussed the future plans of Bridge Club of Pakistan and Ramadan Drive of 2019. Team discussed what they will be planning for Ramadan Drive and how it will be conducted.  

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