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6th Ramadan Drive '19

Bridge Club of Pakistan has been conducting Ramadan Drives over the past few years in which it carriers out different activities as Muslims all over the world engage themselves in charity during Ramadan.

For this year’s Ramzan Drive, BCP decided to conduct a Ramadan Rashan/Ration Drive in which the members collected donations from the locals to distribute Ration to the poor and needy families for the project. We set a target of collecting at least 25k Rupees and we succeeded in collecting a total of 22k Rupees. 


This Ration Drive comprised of three phases: 

  • In the 1st phase, our members bought Ration of 12k Rupees for 5 families. Ration included basic necessities like Flour, Sugar, Salt, different lentils, Rice, Tea, Rooh Afza, Chickpea flour, Ghee & Milk. 

  • In the 2nd phase, we donated an amount of 5k to a family. 

  • In the 3rd phase, the members donated the remaining amount to an orphanage “Anjuman Faiz-ul-Islam” to help them bring smiles to the faces of those children.  



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