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JA Orientation & Training Program - Bridge Summer Camp 2019

Bridge Club Pakistan launched a JA orientation for Bridge Summer Camp 2019. The basic aim of the program was to give them a brief insight of the experience they were about to have. The program was lead by Moiz Ashraf Qazi (President BCP).

The training program consisted of incorporate sessions educating the kids about overcoming challenges that they will or might face during their stay in Japan. 

The JAs were given the basics about Japanese and these words were practiced as well, as the medium of communication was Japanese and English. They were also shown pictures from previous APCCs to give a better pictorial understanding and encouragement.


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Munhim Ashraf Qazi and Safiullah (JAs 2017) shared their experiences from their respective year. Suleiman Afzal (PA 2019) shared A PowerPoint presentation of how the whole convention works. Saman Zahid (JA 2007) explained how APCC has changed over the years. 



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The Junior Ambassadors were taught about the accessories that they must be having with them throughout their stay and how should they prepare themselves for the travel.  They were also taught about the Japanese ethics including the way to keep shoes and clothes etc. and were encouraged to practice them.


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The parents of JAs and the Chaperone also accompanied them throughout the orientation. The JAs were really excited and enthusiastic towards the APCC. The program solved most of the problems and queries of the JAs and their parents.


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