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Monthly Meeting, June 2020

The monthly meeting of the Bridge Club Pakistan Took place on the 5th of June at 3:00 pm (PKT). The agenda of the virtual meeting was the follow up on the PA Camp and reintroduction of the Common Activity. The Peace Ambassador (2020) of Pakistan led the meeting while the President of the Club served as the conductor. The meeting progressed according to the agenda with the PA, Saman Zahid, sharing with us the experience and the events that occurred in the PA Camp. Followed by that, she explained the Common Activity thoroughly to the participants of the meeting. After the Agenda was dealt with the participants had a discussion on several ideas for an activity for the BC and on some ways to engage the Bridge Club members while they remain in the safety of their homes.

The Participants of the meeting were:

  1. Saman Zahid
  2. Fatima Chaudary
  3. Muhammad Moiz Ashraf Qazi
  4. Muhammad Suleiman Afzal
  5. Umair Ahmed
  6. Farooq Hussain
  7. Hafsa Hira
  8. Kashaf Zahra
  9. Shifa Khan


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