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Phase 1: Ramadan Ration Drive '23 Completion

Bridge Club Pakistan concluded it's annual 10th Ramadan Drive, 2023 activity Phase 1 on Sunday, March 19. 

Phase 1: Ration donations,

Ramadan is a month in which Muslims worldwide fast from dawn to sunset. Some people due to poverty are not able to share this special month and time together so Bridge Club Pakistan took the initiative to help the people in this time of need.

BCP members ran the donation campaign and was able to collect Rs 121,685 for phase 1. The members gathered at a local supermarket where we prepared 24 rations packs to donate to the needy and deserving families to make their Ramadan easier. The families were joyful to see the ration packages.

Written by: Shifa Khan (JA 2017)





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