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35th APCC experience sharing by JAs

On Sunday, 20th August, Bridge Club Pakistan held a meeting with Junior Ambassadors 2023 and their parents.

 - President Saman Zahid gave a warm welcome to all the JA’s and parents and current BC members.  
 - Congratulations from our beloved Liaison officer to all the JA’s and BCIO members on their achievement.  
 - President Saman Zahid shared her first experience as a President at the BCPM. 
 - M.Moiz Ashraf Shared his first experience as BCIO Assistant Manager at BCPM. 
 - President Saman Zahid briefed the JAs about the future activities and their need to be active in the BC. 
 - JA’s 2023 shared their experience and learnings from 35th APCC, 2023. 
- Briefing the parents about the BCP activities and how they are conducted.  
- Discussions about the current common activity

Written by: Rahul Kumar (PA 2023-2024)



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