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BCP Monthly meeting - September 2023

In this new era of virtual connectivity, the Bridge Club of Pakistan (BCP) successfully conducted its monthly meeting on 23 september 2023, embracing the power of technology to foster communication and collaboration. The meeting, presided over by Saman Zahid, the President of BCP, focus of this meeting was to welcome Junior Ambassadors (JAs), discuss ongoing projects, and plan future activities for the betterment of BCP.


Meeting Agenda

1. Welcoming the Young Junior Ambassadors

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome to the young Junior Ambassadors, the future assets of BCP. Saman Zahid's opening remarks set a motivating tone, encouraging the JAs to actively participate and contribute in BCP's activities and monthly meetup.

2. Ongoing Sustainability Project

The meeting then shifted its focus to an ongoing project centered around sustainability in 60 seconds. Members discussed their collaborative efforts during the last activity, where they transformed ordinary objects into DIY projects aimed at promoting a sustainable Earth. The enthusiasm of BCP members was evident, as they encouraged one another to create individual DIY projects and share them within the Bridge Club of Pakistan network. This international campaign not only showcases creativity but also highlights the importance of sustainability on a global scale.


3. Future Group Sustainability Project

Looking ahead, BCP members delved into planning the next common group project scheduled for October. Rahul Kumar PA(2024) took the lead in elaborating on this project, which revolves around sustainable practices for our planet. Moreover he explained the next DIY project common activity in detail with the other BCP members where they gave positive feedback.


4. Inter-BC Collaborations

The meeting also included discussions about future inter-BC activities that will involve collaboration with Bridge Clubs in Nepal and India. This exciting initiative aims to promote peace and cross-cultural understanding by exploring and sharing insights into each other's cultures, country, norms, traditions, and more. These common activities will  provide an excellent opportunity for members to broaden their horizons and strengthen global connections.


5. Ensuring the Future of BCP

In the final segment of the meeting, members engaged in a thoughtful conversation about the future of BCP. The emphasis was on ensuring the active participation of both fresh and seasoned ambassadors. BCP encouraged all members to undertake small, assigned tasks that contribute to their personal growth and credibility within the organization.


6. Meeting Conclusion

As the meeting drew to a close, Muhammad Bin Awais summarized the meeting's key agenda points. The session ended with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment among BCP members, who left the virtual gathering with a shared vision of creating positive change in their community and the world.



The Bridge Club of Pakistan's transition to virtual meetings has not hindered its spirit; instead, it has fostered resilience and adaptability. This monthly meeting served as a testament to BCP dedication to its mission of promoting peace, sustainability, and cross-cultural understanding. By welcoming new members, discussing ongoing and future projects, and reaffirming their commitment, BCP members have set a strong foundation for continued growth and impact. The ability to adapt and thrive in this new era of connectivity bodes well for the future of peacebuilding and global citizenship in Pakistan and beyond.

Written by: Muhammad Bin Awais (JA 2013)


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