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Omoiyari Bites: Making Gur walay chawal (brown sugar rice)

On March 2nd, Bridge Club Pakistan got together for a lively outdoor gathering that revolved around the Common activity 2023-2024: Omoiyari Bites. Gur Wale Chawal (Brown sugar rice), a typical Pakistani tradtional dish, was prepared due to the consensus decision to explore Pakistan's culinary delights as the day's theme.

Each member actively contributed collaboratively by providing the required components, encouraging a sense of shared responsibility and community. The dish was made as a team effort during the cooking session, with Bridge Club President Saman Zahid taking the lead. The rest of the group eagerly jumped in to help her with the cooking project, demonstrating the collaborative aspect of the gathering.

The blend of teamwork, cultural exploration, and delicious food made the outdoor meeting memorable and enjoyable for all participants. The successful execution of the Omoiyari Bites activity showcased our bridge club's commitment to fostering camaraderie and shared experiences among its members.


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