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Virtual Planning - Ramadan Drive 2024


Bridge Club Pakistan held its monthly virtual meeting on February 25, 2024, with an emphasis on planning for the forthcoming Ramadan Drive 2024. Shifa Khan (JA 2017) and Rahul Kumar (PA 2024) gave insightful opening remarks, offering in-depth explanations of the Ramadan Drive. Shifa Khan shared the event's promotional poster, highlighting the value of member participation in raising awareness online and through personal networks including friends, family, and contacts at school. The participants gave the call to action a positive reaction.


After the Ramadan Drive discussion, BCP President Saman Zahid spoke to the group and gave a quick rundown of the next events for the Bridge Club, mentioning the Omoiyari Bites program in particular. The purpose of this part was to inform and interest the members in the club's upcoming events.

To conclude the meeting, a question-answer session was held, providing an opportunity for members to seek clarifications, share thoughts, and actively participate in the dialogue. The overall tone of the meeting reflected a collective enthusiasm and commitment towards the success of the Ramadan Drive and other planned activities, showcasing the strong sense of community within Bridge Club Pakistan.


 Written by: Noor-ul-Ain (JA 2019)


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