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reSTART: The BCPh Relaunch

So of course, the first major activity we have after this year's conference is to spice up the old Bridge Club.

BCPh members were reinitiated into Bridge Club with a series of lectures that told them about what a BC is, what's it for, its goals, and why they're part of it. An activity report of the past year was also shown to all the past JAs, PAs, Chaperones, Parents and LO who attended. 

Major comments and suggestions were thrown into the discussion including some for: the JA selection process, the training process, manuals to be created for JAs, PAs, Chaperones and Parents, the regularization of BC meetings, and the new version of the BCPh hierarchy.

Elections were also undergone to elect the new BC Core Group, headed by Patricia Gan as President, former PA Lianne Garcia as the North sub-club head, former JA Juancho Colasito as the South sub-club head, former JA Raia Gallardo as Secretary, and former Intern, PA and JA Angela Tolentino as Treasurer. All the Committee Heads and Batch Represantatives have been elected, too.

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