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Post APCC Get-together

Time flies and the Singapore delegates safely landed back to Singapore from their memorable Two-week event of 26th APCC, on 22 July 2014.

In less than a month, the JAs were already missing their buddies and Japan. Our dear Chaperone arranged for a little get-together for the families and JAs to meet. 



We were lucky to have with us Keisuke Baba, the volunteer/hero/big brother that took care of our little JAs while they were in the Marine House. He came over to our sunny island for a short holiday and we were delighted to host him.





The bridge was reuinited as the JAs shared their funny experiences and fondest memories of their time in Fukuoka. It was a sheer joy for the parents to see how much these little ones have learnt and experienced in such a short time. What was also comforting was the fact that even the parents had created a bond amongst themselves and had started to plan activities for their children.



Of course, amidst all the fun and play, our LO; David, past Pas Dinah and Zayar, together with our chaperone Ai Ping, managed to discuss about our future plans for BC Singapore and how we plan to soar to greater heights. We’re really excited for our up coming surprise! Watch out for us!

Later in the evening, the JAs brought their big brother Baba for cycling along Singapore’s East Coast. That summed up a really eventful day for BCSG.









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